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Thank you for your interest in one of our Certified Wilderness Medical courses. Our classes are kept to minimum sizes for an optimized educational experience. If you would like to be added to our waitlist please fill out this form and give us your contact info. We will reach out to you if a space opens up.

Several rescuers helping a victim in the woods

Medical Professionals

EMT’s, nurses, paramedics, PA’s, MD’s, etc.

The Wilderness EMS upgrade prepares you to deliver care to patients in the field with a focus on hands-on skills. Wilderness Advanced Life Support focuses on advanced skills, and management of teams working in remote environments. With our certification programs, you can earn credit toward your EMT or paramedic recertification or advance your nursing or medical license. Our training is perfect for nurses, doctors, physician assistants and others looking to work in remote environments or become members of rescue agencies.

A rescuer in the mountains

Outdoor Industry

Employed in the Outdoor Industry?  Want to join a rescue team?

Many employers in the outdoors industry require having a Wilderness First Responder certificate, and no WFR certification is more accepted worldwide. Our instructors have extensive experience working in the medical and outdoors industries. They have firsthand insight into wilderness emergency situations and knowledge to walk you through anything that may arise.

Two responders helping a victim in the snow

Outdoor Adventurers

Do you play in the outdoors with family, or friends?

Whether you are preparing for an extended international trip or just a day of skiing or biking in the backcountry, be confident that you’re prepared for the adventure. You’ll learn what gear to take to be prepared for the trip, how to take care of minor injuries and illnesses, and what to do and who to call should you have a true emergency. Our classes make for a great family experience, we keep it fun, and there’s always time after class for a hike or a bike ride.